Best Penis

Some people wonder how to get rid of spam. I use my spam folder to help sort my email. There is some "spam" that I actually read. Some are subscriptions others are from websites that I belong to. I keep them in the junk folder because I don't want them to clutter up my inbox. Most though are unwanted emails. And occasionally, I get an email that crosses the line.

I just got an email in my spam folder that really caught my attention. It was from some guy who calls himself Best Penis. Well, I assume it is a guy. But seriously, Best Penis!? Of all the nerve! How dare he? He's never seen my penis.

And what criteria is he using to decide his is Best Penis? Weight, size, shape? Maybe colour or texture? Taste?

But then I read the rest of the email and he wrote, "resale it the of good full now is value. future retail you are and an you be previous the able little decide generations said, if their will be this products if you back new plateau on Apple iPhone prices a prices it 10." And then everything became clear. (??) The rest of the email talked about a male enlargement supplement. I think he is referring to doughnuts.

Before and After
Before and After Doughnut Supplement


  1. That's pretty hilarious but I don't understand why it has to use a plastic monicker when it could have just resorted to a cartoon figure, eh?

  2. What are some good penis exercises?