Real Steel Review

Evangeline Lilly
Real Steel is a near gritty action film that brags a script which is fun, corny and exciting all at once. The movie is a mix between Big Daddy and Rocky - from the father and son reunion to the underdog fighter rising through the ranks. Futuristic robots or not, Real Steel features some of the most realistic fight scenes in any boxing movie to date. (Let's exclude The Fighter, and Million Dollar Baby). The motion captured fighting scenes are impressive and so immersing to the point where I was ready to get back into the ring myself.
Jackman plays a former and washed up boxer who makes a living pitting his robot against other robots in a sport that has replaced boxing and MMA.

Product placement galore, the movie will have an appeal to any video game junkie or fan of  boxing. Based on the short story Steel, by Rchard Matheson (I Am Legend) Real Steel is not just a great boxing movie, this is a truly enjoyable film. The story was first put to film in 1963 as a Twilight Zone episode, starring none other than Lee Marvin. A side love story between Hugh Jackman and the beautiful Evangeline Lilly, and the growing bond between father and son adds enough drama to make this film enjoyable to all audiences.  Scroll down for the trailer.
Real Steel

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