I Had A Great Idea

At work the other day I came up with the greatest topic for my latest blog post. For hours I sat at home staring at the screen trying to remember what it was. I even tried going through my day, step by step, to jog my memory. My buddy Sal has his office near mine. I was tempted to call him up now so that we could re-enact our conversation word for word because, it was while I was speaking with him that the light bulb appeared over my head.

I have intermittent photographic memory. On the other hand I also have intermittent memory lapses. I have always been that way. As a kid, my parents couldn't understand how I could forget to do the simplest things, accusing me of not caring. Thinking back, I probably did not care. But it was more than that. Last week I forgot to watch one of my favourite shows, Bones. I also forgot to go to dinner at some friends on Tuesday. It is most likely linked to a short attention span, a lack of sleep, and a couple concussions too many.

Don't get me wrong. I am not feeble minded. I do write everything down. Mostly because I do not try to memorize anything. I have realized that with enough repetition I will eventually memorize the important things. On the other hand, I could also quote you passages from a book I read two months ago. That trick came in handy when it came time to writing my final exams in university. If I remembered to read the book.

A couple months back I wrote that I needed a girlfriend to help me pick out a wardrobe. What I also need is a girlfriend who can tell me what to do, and remind me where I have to go.

I like routine. During my work week I like to get up at the same time everyday. I like to start work at the same time everyday. There is already too much to think about, that I do not want to try to remember that, on such and such day I have to be in the office for 8:00 and the following day 10:00. No, I start at 8:30 every day... And I still can't remember my great blog idea.


  1. And that's why you need a smart phone.

  2. But I have a smart phone. A brand new one. It arrived the day after the idea did.

  3. You don't need a girlfriend, you need an assistant. Or a gay friend. Preferably one with mind-reading skills. If you have a girlfriend you'll suddenly have a million more things you have to remember.

    I'm pretty sure your great idea had something to do with gremlins. Or the weather. (My mind reading-skills are a little rusty.)

  4. No Ziva, I really need a girlfriend. But point taken, I can also use an assistant.

    Spot on, I was thinking of gremlins.