Five Guys Named Moo

All Dressed Cheeseburger
Five Guys Burgers and Fries has opened in five locations in and around Montreal to little fanfare, advertising by word of mouth. Setting up in Old Montreal, the West Island, the South Shore and Laval as well as in Dorion, the boys picked their prime locations for an early breakthrough into the Montreal market.
With over 600 locations in the United States and now 60 in Canada the guys are making their mark. First thing you should know, Allergy alert! As per their website, Five Guys uses peanut oil only. And nothing is frozen, they also only use fresh ground beef.

There is nothing new about Five Guys. They serve hamburger joint burgers and greasy fries with a selection of fountain drinks. The Old Montreal location was hopping busy and the staff were friendly and helpful, answering all of my questions.
I ordered a cheeseburger, fries and a Coke and had plenty to eat. The food is fresh, the portions were big and I was full. Unfortunately, I wanted less food. Personal preference aside - I like my meat more well done - the hamburger was not anywhere near the best I have ever tasted. The fries were soggy and drenched in oil and under-cooked. A sign that the oil was not at the correct temperature. Or is this their style?
If you are looking for a burger joint burger with greasy fries at double the usual price than Five Guys is for you. Let's call it a 5 out of 10 for Five Guys.


  1. I used to LOVE Five Guys Burgers. But sadly, I can't eat them anymore - Peanut allergy.

    PS: Soggy fries are gross!

  2. I may give them a second try. As of now they do not rank near the top of my list.

  3. Too bad - they just opened 1 a few blocks from my house and I was going to give them a try. At least we now have our own The Works in the neighbourhood. My last burger there was overcooked though...I'll take you there next time you visit ;)

  4. I am willing to try their burgers again...