Working From Home

I am working from home this afternoon. Or, as I like to call it No Pants Monday. There are several benefits to working from home. 1 - I'm the only idiot here. 2 - No pants. 3 - The coffee is cheaper. 4 - I'm not actually working.
I will have to log back in shortly and finish my reports. And since my car is at the garage getting fixed I will have to take public transportation to the office tomorrow. The bus and metro system in Montreal has improved over the years. But not for me. It will take me an extra twenty minutes to travel by metro than my usual jaunt by car. A thought just occurred to me, I should carpool tomorrow. Always considering the environment when it suits me best, I will see if any of my colleagues in the area want to give me a ride to work. I searched for "no pants Monday" on the intergoogle and found this picture which I took from the cheezburger network.
Big Bang and Skinny Leg Theory


  1. I don't think the No Pants Monday thing would fly at the office, damn!
    But I prefer the No-Work Monday, anyway.

  2. Tanya I've tried the no-work Monday. But it made Tuesdays suck.
    Depends who you ask, but I just may get some smiles for the no pants day. Right before I got fired.
    No pants Mondays will have to be in spirit only. Or at home.

  3. "No Pants Monday" - ahahahha! AHHAHAH!

  4. meleah, maybe you can tell me, is that where the 'there's a party in my pants and everyone is invited' came from?