My Life in Pictures

Labour Day and time to put away all of your white clothes. Luckily everything I own is black and blue. I have always hated this time of year. For the first 25 years of my life it signified a return to school. September also marks a turn in the weather. The sun isn't as strong, and rays turn to rain. And it's the weekend where the local radio stations bring out their lame weekend promotions. CHOM, the once cool rock radio station pulled out a real gem.

From their website, "This Labour Day weekend CHOM is having...twins. It's a special two-for Labour Day weekend on CHOM! All long weekend we’re birthing your favourite bands back to back. We’ll do twice the pushing...you get twice the songs..." Are you freaking kidding me? That's a bit of a stretch. That station has lost its grit. I was listening on Saturday evening and their veteran weekend announcer sounded embarrassed reading that promo. They do have a couple talented announcers. Too Tall has always been my favourite, if I had my say, he would be programming all their music, although I think Picard is having a good influence. Anyway, this wasn't supposed to be a rant about radio. I was going to write a line or two and post some pictures. So, happy (day after) Labour Day. Off to work...

And I haven't lived with my parents in 16 years.

Granted, they just moved into my building. I probably won't ever tell them about my blog. I figure they get offended enough in our regular conversations.
I'm down to bag litre three cups of coffee a day.
How I act around girls I have no interest in.
How I act around girls I want to Date

Apart from the obvious, I also gain the weight as shown in the above photo. I stole this joke. I prefer this picture of Farley to the original.

Sisko's, Winner of The World's Best Restaurant Prize, Fictitious Category
I've been to New Orleans three times and this was the only thing missing. They have their own Myspace page and are supposed to serve excellent food. Too bad they aren't real.
Thanks Bizarrocomics.com for stating it better than I could.
My colleague responded to this cartoon by saying, 'I've been there'. I responded by saying, "I live there".


  1. the Starbucks IV coffee is cracking me up!

  2. Well Meleah, I think I had 5 cups today. I need to sleep more.

  3. I'm wearing white like crazy. I'm a rebel.

  4. Mike, you're so crazy.
    On Labour Day I switched from using the White Pages to using only the Yellow Pages.

  5. I prefer beer or wine instead of coffee on the dextrose. LOL

  6. Mannoy, I can't say I prefer the coffee but, perhaps the need for coffee after all the beer or wine. :)