Lost in the Shuffle - Montreal Radio

It truly was awesome listening to Pete Marier on my ride home from work. Lost in the shuffle of the CFQR and CJAD radio marketing campaigns, re-branding and announcer switcharoos was the real quiet like moves over at CHOM 97.7 FM, Montreal's English language rock station. Marier, the long time rock radio announcer has come home to the afternoons where he shone as the drive home announcer for years. Rob Kemp has temporarily moved back to the mornings - for a second time around - as a more seasoned and much improved announcer.

So, that makes two smart moves for station management in recent months. Marier to the afternoon drive and Too Tall to a daily midday shift. Marier, a real professional and great announcer was hardly the ideal candidate for any morning show. Long after hitting prime time on the morning show at 980 AM, Marrier and his gruff voice was moved to the afternoon slot at CHOM and showed what he had. Mornings were never his bag. Put it this way, Carey Price is a great goaltender. Are you going to switch him to a forward position just because he is a tremendous athlete?
Marier first took on mornings at CHOM in 1995 replacing John Derringer and then passing on the torch to the syndicated Howard Stern Show.

When Music Mattered
But wait, just in time for his 54th birthday, Terry DiMonte is scheduled to return to Montreal from Calgary in January 2012 and will be sitting in the air chair during the morning show. Who is the odd man out? Will Kemp move to mid-days splitting time with the 34 year CHOM veteran announcer Too Tall? Will someone get their walking papers? The morning show runs 5:30-10 with the awesome Too Tall's show airing between 10 -3. And did I mention that I love the fact that Montreal radio has a program called The Butt Show?


  1. Sources say he is set to return in January.

  2. They should hire Youppi as a DJ.

  3. mike, how many times do I have to tell you? It's spelled a-l-g-r-a-v-e-l-l-e.

  4. Hopefully, DiMonte ricochets off CHOM and lands on 'AD morning, bumping out the insufferable Andrew Carter

  5. Frank, I like Carter but you aren't the first person to say that.