The Works Restaurant

Tower of Rings
I cheated. I think the relationship is over. I guess you can call me a two-timer. After spending the day away from home, the big juicy burgers of The Works were calling to me. Yes, I cheated on Cheeburger Cheeburger. But being away from Montreal what was I to do? I was in Ottawa for the day and the tempting juicy burgers at The Works broke my resolve.

The Works
At The Works you have your choice of burgers. Made with beef or turkey, chicken breast, veggie or mushroom and even elk, all come in an assortment of pre-packaged combinations such as the Beverly Hills Lawsuit - fried egg, leaf spinach, havarti cheese, or the Field of Dreams - grilled wild mushrooms and gouda cheese. Or maybe you like a burger topped with macaroni and cheese? So try the San Francisco Treat. I had the Stephane's Ticket which is topped with mayo, swiss cheese, roasted red peppers and bacon. Standard burgers are available - if you just want to try a great burger with the basics- ketchup and mustard try the Ho Hum or Plain Jane.

Throw in a shake, The Works serves 36 kinds from Vanilla to Oreo Cookie, and pina colada. The shakes are thick and delicious. All drinks are served in measuring cups, 16 ounce or 32 ounce sizes. And don't forget your choice of the Tower of Onion Rings, Factory Fries, Sweet Potato, lumpy mashed potatoes or spicy cole slaw.
The Works just might be Ontario's best kept secret. Started in Ottawa in 2001, The Works now boasts seven locations in the greater Ottawa area, as well as locations in Kingston, London, Oakville and Guelph. My visit to The Works was at their Kanata location. The Works also features a kids' menu. A good review for The Works restaurant and their big juicy burgers.
Kids' Menu?
Vanilla Shake


  1. You're funny, and thanks a lot now I'm craving a burger and I'm a vegan ;)

  2. Barbara, I was craving a burger from The Works tonight. Since it's a 2 hour drive from where I am right now, it will have to wait for another day.

  3. Meleah, if you take the I-81 you can be in at the Works in Ottawa in under 8 hours.
    If you take the I-87 to Montreal, Cheeburger Cheeburger is only a 7 hour drive.

  4. Okay, if I take the E18 down to the harbor, then the Gulf Stream out of the Baltic Sea and then hitchhike on the closest Atlantic stream due west, when do you think I could be at The Works? I need to know if I should grab an inferior burger on the way, or if I could wait until I get there.

  5. Ziva,
    From what I could figure, it is a 45 hour drive from Helsinki to Killarney, Ireland. Take a ferry from Killarney to St. John's, Newfoundland. From St. John's it's a 36 hour drive to the restaurant in Kanata, Ontario.
    Buy a burger and maybe a side salad to tie you over.

  6. But since you are coming from Turku it will save you 9 hours. You may also be able to catch a ride with Saku and Mikko as they should be making their way over for the NHL training camp.