I'm with Busey

I'm With Gary Busey
I'm With Busey was a great show that ran on Comedy Central in 2003. In it comedy writer Adam de la Pena spends time with his idol Gary Busey, with the older actor attempting to mentor the younger Pena. Much of the humour revolves around the wacky Busey-isms and the shenanigans in which the the two get involved. Call the show an earlier version of Shit My Dad Says. Heck, call Busey an earlier version of Shit My Dad Says. The show features Busey and company on various adventures and has some hilarious cutaways to a perplexed de la Pena as he tries to decipher what Busey just said. Here's a clip from episode four, where the two have a field trip building robots. If you don't have the patience to watch a seven minute clip, scroll down and watch the second video that runs just about 90 seconds, where Busey explains how to eat Oysters.


  1. Yeeeessssssss!!!!!! Best show ever!

  2. Makes you wonder Max, why it only ran for one year.