I'm on Vacation

This is What I Think of Work Right Now
I'm on Vacation! This has been one of the longest and most difficult weeks I have experienced at work and I questioned, at first tongue in cheek and then, in reality, if I would even make it until today. I did. After a week where I logged 52 and 1/2 hours in the office covering for the ineptitude and laziness of other people, I am done. A couple beers, a pizza, the TV and my computer will be the perfect start. Tomorrow is another day.

What to do on my vacation? I will finish all the beer in my fridge. I may go out of town. I may not. Montreal is awesome in the summer so I will try to take it all in over the next two weeks.
Things I might do on my vacation:
  • Shave my head
  • Finish building my bar.
  • Plaster and paint my bathroom.
  • Go to Toronto.
  • Go to Ottawa.
  • Go mountain climbing.
  • Write for my Blog.
  • Ride my bike.
  • Buy a new car.
  • Make a list.
Truly, Montreal is awesome in the summer so I am reluctant to go far. A Toronto-Ottawa long weekend to visit friends and family may be in the cards. Perhaps mountain climbing or hiking in in Ontario, Quebec, New York or Vermont. 
If I can find and buy the rest of the supplies, I can finish building my wet bar. I am in the process of converting a closet into a built-in bar. Once complete, I will be a much more efficient drinker as, I will not have to walk all the way to the kitchen between drinks, thereby cutting my travel time by two-thirds.
The Figurative Me, Free At Last, On Vacation
I have been sitting in front of the computer and on my butt for too long. Time to get back into shape. I need to do some road work and remove that outer layer of flab. I am sure I still have a six pack in there somewhere.
My car has also seen better days. I would need to put $2000 into repairs. After eight years I think it would be wiser to invest the cash in a down payment. Every car I have purchased has been an upgrade over the previous. It is time to scale back. I have always felt that a car is meant for transportation only. So as long as the vehicle is comfortable, safe and efficient there is no reason to sink a ton of money into a purchase of a flashy pretty little thing. I'd rather sink my money into a home, or a flashy pretty little thing called a girlfriend. I will be doing some research trying to find the cheapest, most fuel efficient, sturdiest, safest mid-sized masculine car that I can find. And hopefully, I will save enough and earn enough that sometime in my 50s - all those years away - I will be able to afford a Jaguar. Of course I will be checking in and writing to my blog every couple days.


  1. Happy vacation! I think you should start it by turning the Figurative you into the Literal you! Go run nekkid through a field someplace.

  2. Did it Nicky. I did it! I ran through the park. And then ran faster when security started chasing me. I forgot my keys at home because there are no pockets in nekkid.

  3. Thanks Meleah. Visiting my parents was not the best way to start my two weeks of relaxation. The Summer of Shawn starts in 5..4..3..2..1....

  4. Does this mean you're still on vacation, and if so, did you find your six-pack? Did you run naked across a field? Did you buy a car? Or did you sink all your money into a flashy pretty little girlfriend? And most importantly, did you make a list?

  5. Ziva, 3 days to go.
    1- I took off some weight and turns out I only have a two-pack left.
    2- No naked running... but I am not wearing a shirt while I type this.
    3- No car yet, and rather than sinking my money into a pretty girlfriend, I decided to spread the money around.
    4- And here ends the list.

  6. I have a sneaking suspicion that you just made this list to satisfy my curisoity, and that it's not really a product of vacation-induced thought and reflection. That's okay though, making a list for the sole purpose of satisfying my curiosity is commendable. And I like how you worked in the no shirt thing there in #2.

    Enjoy your last three days.

  7. Well, Ziva, you kind of stole my thunder. I was preparing a vacation summary/ list to post.
    With three days to go, I may have time for a 3 Pictures in 3 Days theme. Damn! Now I have to run out and buy a camera.

  8. I hear those photo memes are hell on bloggers. You should try it.

    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to steal your thunder. I mean, I do love thunder, but I usually let other people keep theirs. Perhaps we could pretend that I didn't suck all the joy out of list-making?

  9. I actually appreciate the push. I went back to take a look at what I put on the list and I hope to complete the post shortly.

    I have to add "buy a camera" to the list.