The Captains - Film Preview. A Star Trek Journey

The Captains' Shatner Poster
The Captains is a feature length documentary written and directed by William Shatner. The film is a voyage with Shatner as he interviews each actor that took on the mantle of star ship captain. From Patrick Stewart and Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, Scott Bakula, and the newest captain, sitting in the chair that Shatner made iconic, Chris Pine. The ultimate trek for any Star Trek geek, Trekkie, or casual fan.

Shatner, for the most part has been in the spot light for the last number of years. We have seen him age on TV in Boston Legal and TV commercials. Shocking though is seeing Mulgrew and Avery, as they hit the north side of their 50s and 60s. Avery, always so well spoken and a powerful performer, is somewhat aged from the Captain Sisko we loved.

Shatner takes a personal journey, to where no one has gone before, to discuss with each actor, how Star Trek and their role as a member of Star Fleet shaped and impacted their lives. Filled with clips from the series and movies, along with interviews with their costars, The Captains is a film both light in bearing and at times surprisingly grave as discussions revolve around life in around the Star Trek universe. With a running time of an hour and forty minutes The Captains is scheduled for an October 2011 release.

And here is trailer two of The Captains.

The Captains


Top 100 TV Catchphrases

As a distraction from Hurricane Irene I present The top 100 funniest best most memorable television catchphrases and lines. Some of the shows were before my time, and I don't know all of the U.K. shows but I could name about 85 of them.

1. "I shall say this only once" - 'Allo 'Allo!
2. "I have a cunning plan" - Blackadder Goes Forth
3. "Suit up!" - How I Met Your Mother
4. "Bazinga" -- The Big Bang Theory
5. "Blerg" -- 30 Rock
6. "Whoa!" -- Blossom
7. "But I'm Feeling Much Better Now" - Night Court
8. "I'm Larry, this is my brother Darryl ..." -- Newhart
9. "Hey hey hey! What's Happening!?" -- Saved by the Bell
10. "You havin' a laugh" -- Extras
11. "Pretty..pretty...pretty good" -- Curb Your Enthusiasm
12. "Don't panic" - Dad's Army
13. "Drink, Feck, Arse, Girls" -- Father Ted
14. "Don't mention the war" -- Fawlty Towers
15. "Well, of course not, don't be ridi-cool-us" -- Perfect Stranger
16. "My Shiny Ass" -- Futurama
17. "Sit on it" -- Happy Days
18. "Hello, Newman" -- Seinfeld
19. "Missed it by that much" -- Get Smart
20. "Giggity, giggity, giggity goo" -- Family Guy
21. "Dy---no---mite!" -- Good Times
22. "Cause I'm the Fonze! Ayyyy" -- Happy Days
23. "I know/see nothing!" - "Hogan's Heroes"
24. "Would you believe it" -- Get Smart
25. "Do you wanna hug it out" -- Entourage
26. "the only gay in the village" -- Little Britain
27. "You Got it Dude" -- Full House
28. "Nanu. Nanu" -- Mork & Mindy
29. "No, no, no, no, no, yes" - The Vicar of Dibley
30. "Oh my god! They killed Kenny" - South Park
31. "Are we having fun yet" -- Party Down
32. "Baby, you're the greatest" -- The Honeymooners
33. "I'm comin' to join ya Elizabeth - Sanford and Son
34. "Here come de judge" - Laugh In
35. "Yada, yada, yada" -- Seinfeld
36. "Burn" - That '70s Show
37. "Time Out" -- Saved by the Bell
38. "How you doing?" -- Friends
39. "Marsha Marsha Marsha." 
40. "One of these days, POW, right in the kisser." -- Honeymooners

Test Pattern


Funniest Quotes of the Year

Here is part two of the best and funniest quotes of the year. Thus far. (Part 1 is here). Not exactly a top ten list, but a list of the funniest tweets, comments and funny status updates I have seen on the internet, be it the Facebook or the MySpace or the Twitter.

Been on hold so long I can't remember who I called. I have a credit card out and my pants off but that doesn't really narrow it down much.
Joshua Allen 2009

Guys want to have sex with our boobs now? When did vaginas get so boring?
Whitney Cummings April 2011

Why did the 4 babies get thrown out of the bar? Cause they're just 4 stupid fucking little babies. Shitty fucking babies.
Louis C.K. March 2011

I just want to wish everyone happy holidays for december of 2007. I didn't have twitter then.
Louis C.K. April 2011

Looking good naked is such a gift. Can't wait till your birthday!
Mitch Fatel May 2011

I went through (a) phase where I only had sex with Mexican guys. God, I loved my señor year.
Morgan Murphy May 2011

Alec Baldwin for Mayor of NYC? If he runs as Jack Donaghy - I'll send a check right fucking now.
Denis Leary June 2011

To speak in my dad's computer language, I'd like to wish him a FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: Happy Father's Day!
Jenny Johnson June 2011

It's hard to imagine that before electricity, people had to check Twitter by candlelight.
Robin McCauley June 2011

Thinking about going to my high school reunion so people can see that you don't need to be married or have kids to be depressed.
Robin McCauley June 2011

Yesterday was longest day of the year, not just because of the Summer Solstice but because I had to have lunch with my girlfriend’s parents.
Jimmy Carr June 2011

Can you believe Tom Cruise is nearly 49? Sorry, I mean 4’ 9”.
Jimmy Carr June 2011

The best thing about arguments is the make up sex.
That's why I hate arguments with my parents.


The Works Restaurant

Tower of Rings
I cheated. I think the relationship is over. I guess you can call me a two-timer. After spending the day away from home, the big juicy burgers of The Works were calling to me. Yes, I cheated on Cheeburger Cheeburger. But being away from Montreal what was I to do? I was in Ottawa for the day and the tempting juicy burgers at The Works broke my resolve.

The Works
At The Works you have your choice of burgers. Made with beef or turkey, chicken breast, veggie or mushroom and even elk, all come in an assortment of pre-packaged combinations such as the Beverly Hills Lawsuit - fried egg, leaf spinach, havarti cheese, or the Field of Dreams - grilled wild mushrooms and gouda cheese. Or maybe you like a burger topped with macaroni and cheese? So try the San Francisco Treat. I had the Stephane's Ticket which is topped with mayo, swiss cheese, roasted red peppers and bacon. Standard burgers are available - if you just want to try a great burger with the basics- ketchup and mustard try the Ho Hum or Plain Jane.

Throw in a shake, The Works serves 36 kinds from Vanilla to Oreo Cookie, and pina colada. The shakes are thick and delicious. All drinks are served in measuring cups, 16 ounce or 32 ounce sizes. And don't forget your choice of the Tower of Onion Rings, Factory Fries, Sweet Potato, lumpy mashed potatoes or spicy cole slaw.
The Works just might be Ontario's best kept secret. Started in Ottawa in 2001, The Works now boasts seven locations in the greater Ottawa area, as well as locations in Kingston, London, Oakville and Guelph. My visit to The Works was at their Kanata location. The Works also features a kids' menu. A good review for The Works restaurant and their big juicy burgers.
Kids' Menu?
Vanilla Shake


Vacation Daze

The vacation had to come to an end eventually. It is a magnificent day, sunshine and 30 degrees Canadian Celsius, or 86 degrees American Fahrenheit. I can't complain about the day, I will complain about returning to work on Monday. The two weeks off were truly enjoyable. I rested, relaxed, and did what I wanted. It is not enough. I want a third week. Now. Unfortunately, I will have to wait until November. Fortunately, I have another week coming to me, and it is not all that far off. And just as the cold hits the north, I will be hitting the south. Aside from rest and relaxation, my vacation was filled with chores, errands, alcohol and lists.
I made a list of things to do on my vacation. I have since added to it and removed a couple items.
  • Shave my head. - Done.
  • Don't shave my face. - I lasted 10 days. What with a funeral and a date, I had to clean myself up. And no, the date wasn't to the funeral.
  • Finish building my bar - Almost there. Need one more item. 99% complete. I need a curtain. It looks awesome. And even at this early stage, my drinking efficiency has gone up by 17%. The photos are below. The photos of the bar, not of me drinking.
  • Buy and Install curtains - Done! When your windows are 72" wide, curtains are not easy to come by.
  • Plaster and paint my bathroom - my bathroom doesn't really need it. I don't where I got this idea.
  • Go to Toronto - Yeah, well, that didn't work out. It's the five and 1/2 hour ride that keeps getting in the way of going. Yes, I will have to make some apologies.
  • Go to Ottawa - It was only two hours away and it is family. And I ate at The Works (a review on Monday).
  • Go mountain climbing - That didn't work out either. But I did walk a lot. And I can see Mount Royal from my balcony.
  • Write for my Blog - With more time on my hands I was able to be more consistent and, I got started on some stories and came up with a few ideas for those times when I hit a creative wall.
  • Ride my bike - I found it. Cleaned it. Rode it. Not enough. It's a start. Rode it this morning in the sweltering heat. 
  • Buy a new car - I forgot about this. No, really. Getting into my piece of junk every day should be a proper reminder. Better conduct my research.
  • Make a list - Didn't get around to it. Oh wait, this is one. Actually I made a couple. Some lists only had one item but lists nonetheless. 
  • Repair my car stereo. I guess I forgot about everything to do with my car.  I will Google the instructions. I've already got the tools. Hammer? Check. Screwdriver? Check. Another hammer? Check? Um... what the hell is this? A wrenchy looking thingy? Check. 
  • Build my bar - 99% complete. I used my knowledge of tools. My knowledge of bars. My hard earned skills in alcohol disposal, my possession of wood (I was going to write 'I've got wood', but chose not to.) Here are the photos.
  • Step 1 - Open Closet Door
    I have tons of closet space. Too much for a single guy. Why not convert the one in the den into a bar? No reason not to.
Wood from an old Bookcase
Put it together, bolt it to the wall, cover the wood. Hang the shelves. And stock the bar...
Built-in Wet Bar
The wine rack won't end up at bottom but it looks good there until I put on the final touches.
I need to install the curtain on the bottom shelf.
Prior to putting the bar together I conducted some research. Mostly, to look for ideas on an ideal layout. Unfortunately, not too many people had much in the line of closets converted to bars. Rather than starting from scratch, I took apart an old bookcase and rebuilt it to my specifications. Refinishing the wood ended up being the easy part, I just had to find the ideal material. All done. And technically my vacation ended yesterday, today is just the weekend.


Til I Get My Lovin' Back

The prolific singer, songwriter and guitarist John Hiatt has just released a new album, his 20th. Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns.

I don't see that any tour dates for Montreal have been scheduled yet. He was in Rochester N.Y. in September and Toronto in October. Maybe Billy Bob Productions will bring Hiatt back to Montreal.

Something strange on John Hiatt's own website. I clicked to play the video in his home page and a message appeared stating, "This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it from display on this website."
From his 2011 album Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns here is John Hiatt's Til I Get My Lovin' Back


Use Me

I am in the mood for some music today. Bill Withers has one of the most distinctive voices around. Second in his music is that bending of the keys on the keyboard and the bump bump groove of the bass line. Use Me was Withers second biggest hit. From the album Still Bill, Use Me was released in 1972 and reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100. The album was reportedly recorded in eight hours for all of $750. The film Still Bill named after the album, is a captivating 2009 documentary that provides an intimate portrait of the West Virginia native, from his childhood days, to his navy career and onto this soul legends musical career.

Still Bill 1972 Bill Withers


Death of an Icon

Ted Tevan passed away on Friday August 12, 2011. As the tributes to the late and great Ted Tevan pour in over the web I will weigh in on this iconic radio announcer. My two years working with Ted were barely a footnote in his legendary career. Better known names such as McGarrity, Graeme Mitchell, Earl "the Pearl" De la Perralle, and Eddie “The Brain” Creachman come to mind when speaking of Sports Rap or The Ted Tevan Show. It is unlikely that my own name will ever be listed alongside Ted's.

AM 600 CIQC Montreal
For year upon year, just like many Montrealers, my brother and I would stay up past our bedtimes listening to Ted's broadcasts. I would try to convince my brother to call in and we would listen for anyone we knew or, for someone to get shot by the machine gun sound effects. As a kid, staying up listening to Ted on late night radio was the number one reason I was always tired.

Anyone in Montreal, of a certain age, has a Ted Tevan story. Slightly jaded as I was, meeting Ted for the first time as an adult was an experience. Going before Ted was the equivalent of going before the President, the Prime Minister, an audience with the Queen or meeting Marlon Brando. This was a celebrity. Larger than life, with the deep gravelly voice, and shock of white hair that added three or four inches to a shorter frame. I looked up to Ted while I looked down from my 4 or 5 inch height advantage.

Ted gave me my nickname. The first time I walked into the studio to train on the board, the producer introduced me to Ted.
"Shawn", Tevan said, "Like Shawn O'Grady the boxer. "
On night number two, Ted said, "Hey Look what the cat dragged in. It's O'hara. Did you learn anything last night O'hara?"
From that moment on, I was Shawn O'hara.

I had the luck of running into Graeme Mitchell a year ago. Mitchell was the weekly co-host of Ted's Thursday night horse racing show. After leaving the Montreal Hippodrome as handicapper and marketing expert, Graeme was associated with the Rideau Carleton Raceway.

A Thank You to Ted Tevan
My name won't be listed next to Ted's. The experience and memories are enough. Mitch Melnick once pointed out that of all Ted's producers over the years, of all the Gang of Eleven that ran his show, I was the first producer Ted put on the air as a sidekick. Earlier today I sat listening to some airchecks of Ted and I bantering, or Ted interrupting my weather or sports update.

Ted was an actor on the air. Still, the character he portrayed was the same guy he was in person, albeit exaggerated immensely. Ted always had a plan, whether ranting about the Big O, politics or life, or his 25 minute live ads for Dad's Bagels. One night, in the middle of one rant, a pigeon landed on the window sill outside the studio.

"O'hara," Ted yelled. "What kind of bird is that?"
As deadpan as possible I replied, "Ted, it's a chicken."
For some 10 seconds - an eternity in radio - Ted could not say a word. He was shaking, trying his hardest to not crack up. When he regained his composure, he railed into me, telling me to go home, telling me he would demote me and have one of the other Gang of Eleven take over. All the time with a big smile on his face.

  Mitch Garber's eulogy at Ted Tevan's funeral by

Mitch Melnick will be airing a tribute to Ted Tevan on his show Melnick in the Afternoon on Tuesday August 16th between 3-7PM on The Team 990 AM in Montreal. You can also stream it from your computer here.

John Legend

John Legend's smooth soulful styling is put to the test on his a cappella cover version of Adele's Rolling in the Deep. It is strange hearing Legend voice getting so ragged, his golden voice usually pitch perfect. The first sixty seconds will draw you in and then he hits the fever pitch. Listen to Legend's beautiful rendition.
  John Legend - Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover)
I was only going to post Legend's passionate cover. And then I found this wild mashup of Adele and Vicci Martinez. The two singers are perfectly synched in this rendition and it makes for some real nice harmonies. Martinez's claim to fame is her appearance in the finals of the TV series The Voice. Martinez also tried out on the first season of American Idol.

John Legend


Happy Feet Two - Trailer Time

Happy Feet Two is scheduled for wide release in North America on November 18, 2011. Mumbles is all grown up and his son Erik has his share of problems. The computer animated film stars Elijah Wood, Robin Williams and Pink. Did I mention it was in 3-D?

Happy Feet Two in 3D


Bourne Identity Crisis

And you thought Matt Damon was finished with the Bourne series. Here is the brand new trailer for the movie Bourne: This Way. Courtesy of The Ellen Degeneres Show. Degeneres introduced the trailer saying, "I can't believe you haven't even seen this finished product of the new Bourne Identity movie."  Damon replied, "I don't even remember making it."

Robert Ludlum's Bourne: Matt Damon


A Day in California

This beautifully shot "A Day in California" is by Ryan Killackey a pre-med student who is a photographer by hobby. The film features 10,000 photos shot in California on a  Canon Rebel XS, 50mm. A truly stunning video.

A Day in California from Ryan Killackey on Vimeo.


I'm on Vacation

This is What I Think of Work Right Now
I'm on Vacation! This has been one of the longest and most difficult weeks I have experienced at work and I questioned, at first tongue in cheek and then, in reality, if I would even make it until today. I did. After a week where I logged 52 and 1/2 hours in the office covering for the ineptitude and laziness of other people, I am done. A couple beers, a pizza, the TV and my computer will be the perfect start. Tomorrow is another day.

What to do on my vacation? I will finish all the beer in my fridge. I may go out of town. I may not. Montreal is awesome in the summer so I will try to take it all in over the next two weeks.
Things I might do on my vacation:
  • Shave my head
  • Finish building my bar.
  • Plaster and paint my bathroom.
  • Go to Toronto.
  • Go to Ottawa.
  • Go mountain climbing.
  • Write for my Blog.
  • Ride my bike.
  • Buy a new car.
  • Make a list.
Truly, Montreal is awesome in the summer so I am reluctant to go far. A Toronto-Ottawa long weekend to visit friends and family may be in the cards. Perhaps mountain climbing or hiking in in Ontario, Quebec, New York or Vermont. 
If I can find and buy the rest of the supplies, I can finish building my wet bar. I am in the process of converting a closet into a built-in bar. Once complete, I will be a much more efficient drinker as, I will not have to walk all the way to the kitchen between drinks, thereby cutting my travel time by two-thirds.
The Figurative Me, Free At Last, On Vacation
I have been sitting in front of the computer and on my butt for too long. Time to get back into shape. I need to do some road work and remove that outer layer of flab. I am sure I still have a six pack in there somewhere.
My car has also seen better days. I would need to put $2000 into repairs. After eight years I think it would be wiser to invest the cash in a down payment. Every car I have purchased has been an upgrade over the previous. It is time to scale back. I have always felt that a car is meant for transportation only. So as long as the vehicle is comfortable, safe and efficient there is no reason to sink a ton of money into a purchase of a flashy pretty little thing. I'd rather sink my money into a home, or a flashy pretty little thing called a girlfriend. I will be doing some research trying to find the cheapest, most fuel efficient, sturdiest, safest mid-sized masculine car that I can find. And hopefully, I will save enough and earn enough that sometime in my 50s - all those years away - I will be able to afford a Jaguar. Of course I will be checking in and writing to my blog every couple days.


No Named Dufus

My first award since starting my site. Awesome! I am finally getting recognition in my anonymity. Thanks to No Named Dufus for the mention. Of course, I should make it clear. I did not win for my site, but for my wit and my contribution to another funny site. And click the pic for another funny site.

Cheeburger Cheeburger Now in Montreal!!

That's right, Cheeburger Cheeburger is now in Montreal!! Opening at the beginning of August 2011 at 1444 Metcalfe in downtown Montreal, Cheeburger Cheeburger features an full menu of awesome build your own burgers, mix your own Shakes, amazing french fries and crazy good onion rings. Oh, and a really cute waitress. I really cannot do the restaurant proper justice, so go to We Work For Cheese for the review. 

Cheeburger Cheeburger's Famous Pounder is 20 ounces of juicy burger. If you have a smaller appetite, they feature burgers of every size, all the way down to the Classic 5.5 ouncer. Once your set on size, choose your cheese, be it Blue, American, Cheddar or five other choices. This place is all about selections. Choose from an additional 32 toppings that are included in the price of your burger. Or add some Specialty toppings of onion, mushrooms, or bacon.

Aside from beef, you can also get a veggie, chicken or portobello burger with all the fixins. And if that isn't enough, 60 ingredients are there to build your very own milkshake. My mouth is watering. And if that isn't enough to convince you, go read the review.
Cheeburger Cheeburger for Cheeseburgers


I'm with Busey

I'm With Gary Busey
I'm With Busey was a great show that ran on Comedy Central in 2003. In it comedy writer Adam de la Pena spends time with his idol Gary Busey, with the older actor attempting to mentor the younger Pena. Much of the humour revolves around the wacky Busey-isms and the shenanigans in which the the two get involved. Call the show an earlier version of Shit My Dad Says. Heck, call Busey an earlier version of Shit My Dad Says. The show features Busey and company on various adventures and has some hilarious cutaways to a perplexed de la Pena as he tries to decipher what Busey just said. Here's a clip from episode four, where the two have a field trip building robots. If you don't have the patience to watch a seven minute clip, scroll down and watch the second video that runs just about 90 seconds, where Busey explains how to eat Oysters.