Things to Do When Your Computer Dies

I am back. It has been a harrowing two weeks with no computer access. It is amazing how disconnected one could feel without email. Oh, how I longed to update Stubborn Fool, lurk on Facebook, and tweet on Twitter. I feel as if the world has passed me by without the regular flow of news. 
Having no access to my favourite news, sites, and blogs I found myself listening to more radio, watching more news on TV and cleaning my condo. So perhaps I should thank that the dreaded blue screen of death for rearing its ugly head. The hardware problems culminated into a burnt ram card and possibly a shorted motherboard. After six years it was time to buy a new PC. Holy crap is this thing fast or what!? After an extensive ten minutes of research I decided to stick with a PC rather than a Mac. I also went with an Intel I5 Processor, 1.5 TB hard drive, 8GB RAM, a 1GB integrated video card, and a really crappy mouse. The mouse was a thrown-in so I will salvage my old far superior mouse, even though the casing is a little warn.

WKRP in Cincinnati
One of the things I got to do was watch my video tapes of WKRP in Cincinnati. If you are thinking John from Cincinnati and have no idea what I am talking about I would guess you are under the age of thirty. WKRP is a situation comedy that premiered in 1978 and aired for four seasons. It featured the misadventures of  an inept radio station crew as they grew from a last placed station to a top ranked performer. When it aired live and then in its initial run in syndication the show featured an amazing soundtrack of rock and roll from the 50s, 60s and mostly 70s. A ten-year licensing agreement and the high cost of securing the future rights to these songs forced the producers to make a decision, edit out the music or forget about airing the show in reruns. Without its original music the show has lost much of it's charm. Much of the plot and punchlines tied into the music that has been replaced with generic riffs.

Much of the comedy remains, how can we forget the absurd newscasts, mispronunciations and conspiracy ridden rants of Les Nesman?


  1. I would DIE if I had to go three weeks without the internet. DIE.

  2. the first day, you stare at the screen completely lost. The second day you start reassessing your life...

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