My New Favourite Beer Commercial

My new favourite beer commercial is Alexander Keith's Girlfriend spot.. Not exactly brand new but I do not believe our friends in the U.S. of A. have had the pleasure of viewing this ad for Alexander Keith's ale on the television. Some things are meant for sharing. Not only is Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale my favourite summer beer, this has to be one of the funniest ads out there.
Alexander Keith's was founded in the early 1800s making it one of the oldest breweries in North America. Beer Advocate rates this particular IPA as a C-. But it is a better brew than that. Consider it not as a traditional IPA but one of the best mass produced beers Canada has to offer. The fact that Labatt now controls Alexander Keith should not scare off the interested drinker.
I was reading some comments about the ad on the intergoogle and fell on this gem by an enraged mother, " We are trying to teach our daughters that they do not have to accept this kind of behaviour. They learn this at home and they are told in school NOT to put up with it. Is this beer company trying to be cute? I really object to them showing this on TV during the hockey games!!"

Sorry lady, hockey and beer are part of the culture and whether you are watching it on CBC, TSN, or NBC, sex and beer will always be associated with sports. You let your daughter watch Don Cherry's outdated and offensive rants, yet a funny beer commercial is a problem? Why don't you have an Alexander Keith's IPA and calm the hell down.

Here's another one, "SO SEXIST...and so insulting to every gender's intelligence levels. DUHHHH - some "things" are archaic. LAME LAME LAME Keiths, you've lost many people on this piece of poo you call advertising."  
"Every gender's intelligence"? All of them? "Duhhhhh"? "Poo"? Really? I almost took down my blog when I read these insightful comments. How could I top that?

Isn't the guy's reaction at the end just great? Sort of a, what do you expect? That's just the way he is moment. My friends put up with a lot my crap but I have never tried that. But I might.


  1. The reason I have a problem with this ad is because they say "Some things are not made to share"

    Some ....things?

    Are women just THINGS that are MADE for men? This is why I find it insulting. Even if it was slightly re-worded to "Some things are not meant to share" It would be ten times better than what it is right now.

  2. I just wanted to ad, after reading some comments on youtube...

    Someone left a comment that said "People like you are probably ugly bitches that can't get a man if they tried. No one wants to be with a girl like you who yells " SEXIST" at everything. Seriously shut the fuck up, no one fucking cares. It's a joke."

    ... not all guys find this joke funny, and I'm not the type of girl to yell sexist at everything. The first time I saw this commercial I was with my boyfriend and he's the one who brought up the sexist content of this commercial.

    (And you can bet that earned points with me, hahaha)

  3. Point taken Anonymous. I chose/choose to take the ad at a level of pure humour and therefore suspended all my personal values.

    Superfast Jillie, perhaps sexist but within the bounds of accepted TV advertising. The beer companies target their biggest market, the male. Check out the Heineken ads I posted on this site. A different approach, some geared towards men, some to a more universal and rounded audience.