Heineken Open Your World

Heineken is at it again with another great advertising campaign called Open Your World. 'Open your world' is the new global Heineken tagline. This follows their hilarious recent Walk-in Fridge campaign. In The Entrance, a man with "impeccable" style arrives at a party, interacting in every possible way with the guests before accepting a Heineken. Check some of the newest Heineken ads.

Here is the extended 90 second version of their ad, called The Entrance.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is a Dutch band, here is their original video to their song featured in the ad. The song is called "The Golden Age".

And the Heineken version

This Heineken ad is called The Duet, featuring Siegfried and Jean-Pierre.

Heineken or not, a beer commercial wouldn't be a beer commercial without beautiful women. Open Your World.

Heineken Legends, The Date

Heineken, The Dream Island

Heineken, The Billboard



  1. I love/hate that song. It's good, but everytime I see the commercial, the damn thing earworms me for the rest of the day.

  2. Nicky, The song really fits. Heineken seems to find the catchy themes. But no, I won't be spinning it on my turntable.