Go The Fuck To Sleep

I was in the Chapters bookstore a few days back and ran into my cousin. He introduced me to Go the F**K To Sleep by Adam Mansbach. The book can best be described as a children's story for the parent. The sweetly drawn art work is typical of any children's storybook. The profanity laced prose is what makes Mansbach's book stand out. Of course, I immediately wanted to buy the book but my good old cousin was holding the store's last copy. Here is the awesome audio of Samuel L. Jackson with the accompanying video. In the introduction Jackson says, his own experiences proved that reading stories to put kids to sleep does not work. Jackson said he used to say "go the fuck to sleep" to his own daughter growing up.

While Jackson is perfect in style and voice I started thinking about who else could pull it off. What about Dennis Leary? How about Christopher Walken? He didn't make a recording himself - here is the awesome Kevin Pollack from his show Kevin Pollack's Chat Show impersonating Walken doing the same read.

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