Llorando - Crying

From the 2001 film Mulholland Dr., the haunting and beautiful Llorando. Rebekah Del Rio sings this rendition of the Roy Orbison song Crying. This song was a jaw-dropping, show-stopping moment of the film. I have not been a fan of David Lynch. While he has done a terrific job with Wild at Heart and The Elephant Man, as well as the masterpiece The Straight Story, I find the moods of most of his other films disturbing and after watching Inland Empire, I vowed not to see another. Lynch has also had tremendous success with Twin Peaks and of course Blue Velvet while making his mark with Eraserhead. This version of Llorando, as the story goes, was initially recorded without Del Rio's knowledge. Years later, Lynch used the exact same version for Mulholland Dr.

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