Urban Scrawl - Problems With Graffiti

Graffiti has always been a problem in the city. The latest problems related to graffiti may be far worse than anticipated. For lack of anything more convincing, let us blame the digital age for the drain on imagination. Good job Ron, whoever you are. The owners of the famed 'Panasonic' building at this busy Montreal intersection reacted quickly. Perhaps because they are slightly ahead of their time, they decided to clean this blight before I had the chance to go back and take a better picture.

As you see the graffiti was not cleaned simply because of the mess it created but, likely because they did not want to be associated with such unimaginative work. Nice tag Ron.
Update - Driving around town this last week I spotted Ron's lousy tags on two separate spots. Although in relative close proximity, Ron gets around. The tags are in three different cities on the Island of Montreal. I am guessing it is a kid vandalizing various signs but it amused me to find three such tags in a short span of time.

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  1. graffiti tags seriously annoy me. However I have seen some graffiti in NYC that looks more like true art.