Last Night - Film Review

It's not the end of the world... there's still six hours left. So goes the tag line for the film Last Night.

Last Night, released in 1998, is a drama laced with dark humour. Intersecting plots follow a number of characters' final hours before the end of the world. The movie stars a who's who of Canadian film, Sandra Oh, Sarah Polley, Callum Keth Rennie and director, and sometimes actor David Cronenberg. Don Mckellar wrote, directed and stars in the film. What would you do if the world were coming to an end?

Before going off to meet his wife (Oh) for their final meal together, Cronenberg's character Duncan spends much of his last few hours calling his customers, assuring them that service will be maintained to the very end. Jennifer (Polly) plans to attend a world ending party while Craig (Rennie), tries to have sex with as many women as possible. A few roaming gangs is not enough to change the strange calmness that makes up the tone of the film.

Never having been a fan of Mckellar the actor, as writer and first time director, his cynical fresh approach to a subject that is usually expressed via the action film, rises above the trendiness that was the Y2K fear. Mckellar's film initially unfolds as a philosophical approach to the world's end and evolves into a romantic fantasy. Last Night was awarded prizes at the Cannes Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival as well as three Genie Awards.
Last Night

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