Need Help Moving?

Do you need moving tips? Do you or someone you know need help moving? Yes? Really? Well, don't ask me. You've used up all your credits with me. Are you wondering if I am referring to you? If you answered yes, my answer is probably also yes.
Moving season is almost here but I am not expecting any requests this year. Not because of the above. But mostly because I only know of one friend moving and he and his wife hired movers. If you are reading this, you probably helped someone, at some time move. And you probably have a bad story to go along with it. I have several bad stories, and they all involved one person. (I won't mention names but will allow him to confess via the comments section.) So, in honour of moving through a darkened alley, down a rickety rusted staircase here is The Oatmeal's take on that great tradition of friendship called Moving Day.
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  1. Oh yes, I have had to help my one friend move FOUR times, and every time it's been a nightmare. I told her, after the last time, that I would never help her again. And thankfully, she recently moved, but this time she hired help!!

  2. There were some bad moves over the years (and yeah, mostly they involved me. I confess!), but the last one was the easiest. At least the destination was on the ground floor AND there was that crazy cheese/fruit plate that the previous tenants left for us. Pretty classy!

  3. Meleah, One good turn deserves another. But there are limits.

    Mike, Yes, the pitch dark move down three flights of broken stairs was made easy by the move to a ground floor unit. And there was cheese. At least this time you had packed in advance.