Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! What do you do for Mother's Day? In my family the whole gang usually gathers at a restaurant or at someones house. This year it's going to be different. If you read my last post you wouldn't be surprised to know that this Mother's Day will be spent packing up my parents stuff for the purpose of getting them ready for their big move.

Whatever the plans, a card is essential. I went to the local pharmacy to search their selection and was utterly disappointed. It is not that they didn't have a large selection. Far from it, there were hundreds of cards. Just none that I liked. I do not like giving cards with flowery verses. I like funny cards. The problem is there are not many funny Mother's Day cards. I am guessing it's because most people don't consider funny Mother's day cards appropriate.

I don't want the card to say "You are the best mother and best friend". I do not want the card to say "I'm thankful to be the one who gets to call her mother". I want the card to say, "Happy Mother's Day, Fondly, Shawn" or, "Thanks for dinner".

Don't get me wrong, I love my Mom. On Mother's Day I will wish her well and tell her I love her. I just don't want to commit to anything in writing. If you are looking for that special card and can't find it check out Bald Guy Greetings. They have some of the funniest cards you can ever find. 


  1. I'm sending this one to my mother this year.
    If you've ever heard the audio clip from Fred's mom about the Little Mermaid, you know the response I'm expecting.

    1. I hadn't head the clip. But I did just now. Mothers can get away with a lot.