Life Changing Moments

Me & my parents when I was a Cartoon
Great news! My parents are moving in with me! Well, sort of. There are certain life changing moments in anyone's life. My Dad is in his 70s and still working. He expects to retire within the year. In the same year that they are celebrating their 50th anniversary my parents sold the only house they have ever owned and purchased a condominium five floors down from me. They are moving downstairs. My parents will be my neighbours.

I might bump into my parents on my way to work in the morning. I might bump into my parents as I stumble home drunk. I might bump into my parents at the end of a date night and have to introduce them to my girlfriend. I may bump into my parents a week later and have to introduce them to another girlfriend.

My parents are nice people. You would like them. But I would prefer if they lived five blocks away instead of five floors away. They did say that they will not intrude on my privacy. They said that I am welcome at their place at any time but, they will always call me before they knock on my door. I told them I appreciate that and, while I had misgivings at first, in my mind I have adjusted and welcome their move. And, any time they want to come visit me, all they have to do is go to the front desk and ask the security guard to ring me up.


  1. Oh man. Well, it'll be like you're now living in a five story house and your parents are living in the basement.

    Oh, and don;t forget to lock the bathroom door when you want to smoke.

  2. Oh boy. I know how you feel. I had to move back IN with my parents. I wish they lived Five Floors below me!

  3. -Smoking ain't the issue but it paints a funny picture.

    -Life changing moments Ms. Baldwin, we move out, we move on, we move in.

  4. It was inevitable, but good for them that they got in on the ground floor. Pun intended.

  5. Mike, thank you for the support. I will be just as supportive when your parents move upstairs from you.

  6. That's hysterical. Well, just think of all the blog fodder they will provide. Love that video.

  7. Jayne, I am just hoping to avoid those cringe inducing embarrassing moments.