Dress Code : I Need Help

On Monday morning, I woke up, showered, dressed and went to work. On Monday night, while at a Passover Seder someone pointed out to me that my clothes did not match. Somehow I put on a blue shirt, brown dress pants and blue socks. It did not work. I did not notice. I should stop getting dressed in the dark. Especially, since I live alone.

I had a moment of self reflection these last few weeks. To raise money for charity my office allowed the staff to wear jeans to work. Those who wished to participate, donated ten dollars. During this sustained casual dress period I realized I no longer know how to dress. My favourite clothes used to be jeans and a T. My style has shifted towards workplace attire. I remember a Dilbert cartoon where he faced the same dilemma. Unlike him, I was not sent home.

Dilbert. My jeans are blue.
I wear dress or golf shirts and dress pants to work. I seriously need help though. I need a girlfriend. There are the obvious reasons why anyone would want to be in a relationship. In my case at least, there are also the less obvious reasons. I need someone to tell me, ‘Shawn, you can’t wear that, you look like a dork’.
Been there.
Office dress codes have relaxed considerably. In our current relaxed environment, t-shirts are allowed, sandals aren’t and neither are spaghetti straps or tights for women. I have always said, whether you work at McDonald’s or an office, you are required to wear a uniform. In the case of an office the uniform is a little more subtle.
There is always someone like Wally.

Speaking from the perspective of someone who has had to, not only respect a work place dress code but also create and implement one, office dress codes are never an easy thing. I’ve worked in places where I had to wear a suit. I have also worked in places where the only rule of the dress code was ‘Don’t wear torn jeans’. Even with jeans allowed I find myself sticking with the dressier look. On weekends though, its jeans all the time. 


  1. I'm so happy I do not work in an office. My dress code = pajamas! But, I would be more than happy to help you coordinate your outfits!

    And, from one Jew to another: Happy Passover to you!

  2. Happy Passover meleah!

    I'd take you up on the offer.
    Do they have Garanimals for adults?
    The days when I work from home I make it a point to get dressed. Otherwise I will be tempted to go back to bed.

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