Broken Water Main and I'm Getting Thirsty

No water for you. No water for me. A broken water main or drain pipe caused a mini flood in my neighbourhood. This is a regular occurrence on the Island of Montreal. While there have been fewer reported breaks in the water system this year compared to last, the underground water works is ancient by most standards. Age and neglect has caused pipes to burst numerous times in recent years.
The city workers have been at it all day digging, plugging, sewing and melding. And still I have no water. I was out for most of the day so it really hasn't been much of a problem. My brita is half filled and on the way home I picked up two 4 litre jugs of water. I had a harder time in the winter when the power went out for 12 hours. I couldn't watch TV and couldn't post to my blog. It is not all that easy reading by flashlight and candlelight.
At least City Works is close
No water!

Dig Faster!
I've become a little paranoid after the H1N1 and various flu scares of the last few years. Every time I arrive home I wash my hands. It felt a little strange not being able to wash up earlier. So far, the lack of water has not forced me to resort to barbarism. Although, I did have to slay two of my neighbours as they tried to loot my stores of water. I have their heads up on pikes in front of my door to ward off any other potential aggressors.


  1. It's funny, we had a plumbing issue the other day and had to shut off the main water supply. I didn't realize how much water I actually use - until I didn't have any!

    Hope your watermain gets fixed ASAP.

  2. meleah, The water came back late last night so I didn't have to recycle.
    In our parts of North America we have an abundance of water and tend to abuse its availability.