Return to Sender

I keep getting mail that doesn't belong to me. It all belongs to the lady that used to live here. I am getting credit card statements, recalls from her car dealership, birthday cards, wedding invitations, and requests from various charities. It's really not a problem for me. There is a mail box right in front of my office. I mark on each envelope, 'Moved. Return to Sender.' This happens at least twice a week. For the last 18 months. And every time I think of the Elvis song.
Elvis Presley
Even though I changed my address with every company I dealt with, I paid to have my mail forwarded to the new place for the first year. It was a good bet because I forgot to notify the alumni association from university. But how can you forget about your bank?
I am the honest sort. I don't throw any of her mail out. I also don't need to open the mail. I can figure out what's inside without doing so. I just do not understand why she hasn't taken care of this. So, Holly if you are reading this, come pick up your mail. And if you speak to her tell her to call me.

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  1. Wow, that's odd she hasn't updated her mailing address in 18 months. Hope Holly is OKAY!