The Lagina Clock is Ticking

Facebook strikes again. Some anonymous complaint to the heroes that run Facebook has forced a Montreal band to take down their group page. Lagina, a progressive math-punk band has been playing and performing around Montreal since 2003. Where Facebook fails, Myspace continues to support great music talent.

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I was immediately concerned over what could possibly have offended anyone to the point where the page was deemed offensive. I'm a fan of the band and have seem them perform three or four times. I started my search on the intergoogle. Urbandictionary.com (it is written so it must be true) has a definition of Lagina (with a small L) as follows: "The crevice, or fleshy divot, resulting from the tension of unduly tight clothing on a man's genitalia. It specifically refers to the testicular area, and the ridge that becomes visible between the testes. Often referred to as camel-toe when such clothing is worn by and pressed against a woman's genitalia."
I seem to remember clicking on the Like button on the Lagina Facebook page. Therefore, at some point, on my profile it said, 'Shawn likes Lagina'. In effect it stated that Shawn likes "the crevice or fleshy divot, resulting from the tension of unduly tight clothing..." Maybe it's a good thing the page was deleted. Go visit Lagina, the band, on their myspace page.

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