The Worst Band in the World

Yes, it is true. There are millions of people who like Nickelback. And then there are those who like quality music. It's good to know that I am not the only one that can't stand them. The worst band in the world. Another failbook funny.

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  1. That is very funny! And true! It amazes me how many people say they "love" Nickelback. I think I liked 1 of their songs.
    BEP, on the other hand, are awesome, despite the lame showing at the Superbowl. Their lyrics are moronic but the songs serve their purpose. As they use to say on American Bandstand (EVERY WEEK): It has a good beat and you can dance to it!

  2. I don't really follow BEP but Fergie's voice struck me on a couple songs, Big Girls Don't Cry, and her cover of Barracuda.
    haha Nickelback.

  3. I swear I cannot name one Nickelback song -- I'm not even sure I've ever heard one -- and yet I am well aware of the I-hate-Nickelback movement on the web. How can that be?

  4. Cardi,
    Hating something is funnier than loving something.
    Look at a relationship as an example, one hate story about an ex lasts forever, but you constantly need new love stories to stay interested.