A Steak and a Pint

Marinating Steak

My steak of last week got caught up in the events that were Valentine's Day and did not get the proper attention it deserved. Since then, I have had a craving for more steak. So, when I went out to pick up groceries today, I had added steak as part of the shopping list in my head.
At the supermarket my mouth started watering as I passed the butcher section. Sitting there on the cooler shelf was a juicy slab of meat calling out to me. Well, it didn't exactly moo but I saw it and I wanted it. A good size Striploin Steak (New York strip) of about 8.5 ounces.

It takes a few days off for me to truly relax, catch up on my errands and chores and appreciate a well prepared meal. More often than not I am rushing and make the quickest possible meal. Other times I am too tired to prepare much and I make the quickest, easiest and simplest plate of grub. With a guest or three, I will prepare more or create a menu. Just for me? I eat out of the box.

Today was the day to prepare a proper meal, just for myself.
The Meal

A man cannot live on meat alone so aside from a grilled steak I added a side of rice, and salad. I was in the mood for a pint of Guinness earlier in the day but decided that steak and rice were the makings of a heavy meal and a pint of Kilkenny would better complement the banquet.
Cascading Kilkenny
If you are not familiar with Kilkenny it is is an Irish cream ale produced by Smithwick's Brewery / Irish Ale Breweries Ltd. It is similar to Smithwick's with a milder hops finish. Kilkenny shares  a creamy head similar to its Stout cousin Guinness. Once poured it features a beautiful reverse cascade of bubbles. The perfect compliment to a meal.

The steak and rice were great, and the beer hit the spot. Now I am full. Instead of cleaning up, I am typing this. And I just remembered the third reason I don't cook often. The cleanup.

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