Dancing Fool : The Boxing Fool

A friend sent me this video via my Facebook profile. As a former boxer and a huge fan of the sport I could never stand the showboating athlete. Whether it is in the ring, the arena or on the gridiron, my philosophy has been, go in, do what you have to do and get out. Sports are about efficiency and economy of movement. When an announcer describes an athlete as 'catlike', it is not because they scratch, it is because the cat, graceful, uses the least amount of energy to fulfill its goal.

To set up the video, Usman Ahmed is a boxer fighting out of Dernyshire, United Kingdom. He stands at 5'6" and fights in the 110 to 112 pound range, so therefore a Flyweight. The 29 year old right hander Ahmed has a record of 6-4-1, with one loss coming by KO. He also likes to dance. He doesn't dance well. His defence is also a little weak.
Ahmed's opponent in the video is the 5'5 1/2" Ashley Sexton, a 9-0 boxer, with 5 KO victories. At 23 years and 9 fights, it is hard to predict his future in the ring as he has been mostly a regional fighter with his bouts taking place in the Essex and London regions.

Since the above video was edited for impact and humour, I also have the full length fight as it played out in real time, minus most of the dancing.

If I mentioned that Ahmed is ranked 222nd worldwide, would you be surprised? Are you surprised that there are some 300 boxers ranked below him? Perhaps dancing does count for something.


  1. The dancing was so annoying that it made me want him to lose.

    Next they need to knock out the inventor of Autotune.

  2. Auto-Tune is the wave of the future man! Watch for it to move beyond music and performance and into the world of customer service, farming and medicine. From what I understand Auto-Tune plans on entering the next Summer Olympics as a long distance runner.