Sometimes Trying Isn't Good Enough

Sunday was the big family outing. My brother's son and daughter performed in their school play this weekend. They are 8 and 7 years old. It is a big musical production at their school, 40 kids and 10 or so parents. Even my brother was in it, acting and singing and even dancing. He is the musical one in the family. Notice I didn't say talented one, just the musical one. I am almost too excited to finish typing this because I cant wait to send him the update to read my blog.
Perhaps it is not fair to compare the kids to Shakespeare in the Park but I cannot help but to judge this elementary school performance and compare it to any number of shows I have seen. Not that I have seen too many musicals but, I compare the performances to any adult performance and, to tell you the truth these eight year olds need more seasoning.
Let's put things in perspective. If an eight year old serves you lunch and it tastes terrible, you do not say, 'Oh, okay, they are kids, it's not supposed to taste like real food.' You think, this sucks, and you say , 'Thank you very much for the eggs, but next time you should use less blue crayon.'
You can watch the stage play of Les Miserables and be terribly impressed. And then watch some kids sing Master of the House, recognizing that they are kids say wow, that's so nice. But really, they suck.

The kids show was awesome - for kids. They put in a lot of work. The staff that trained and coached them were also great. I am impressed with anyone who can get up in front of an audience and perform. That being said, if I were to rank talent it would go like this, from worst to best, four being the worst, one being the best.

4 Nickelback
3 Static
2 A group of 7 year old children
1 Adults

Listen kid, you're no Robert DeNiro. But you may be a Chris Makepeace.
Not the actual show but what I imagine it would be like if it were good.

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  1. 'Thank you very much for the eggs, next time you make them please do not use so much blue crayon.'

    That KILLED me. HA.

    Im glad you had a good time at the show. And hey, they have a pretty good ranking at #2!