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Ever since Tron hit the theatres, and with the ongoing delays to Red Dawn's release, I had to focus on the other films coming up in 2011. After a little bit of thought, very little thought come to think of it, I compiled a list of movies that I think will be big important film releases in 2011. Important for me. Important in that I want to see them. How did I come up with these titles? What were my criteria? Glad you asked. For each one I asked myself, out loud, do I want to see it in the theatre or do I wait until it's on one of my movie channels. The list of films below are those I am willing to pay at least $8 (but probably $10) to see in the theatre. as the way things go in Hollywood these days, most of the films below are not original scripts but sequels and remakes. 

The Hangover Part II - I watched the original this week. The first time I saw it, I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have. I listened the hype. With the second and third viewings of the film it just got funnier. In the sequel the boys travel to Bangkok for Stu's wedding. I noticed that Heather Graham is not reprising her role. As much as I like Graham, it would have been too easy a plot. Best line from the original? "I didn't know they gave out rings at the Holocaust." (May 2011).

Paul - I wrote about this a few days back. The third film starring Nick Frost and Simon Pegg and it's not a sequel. They first worked together on the brilliant Shaun of the Dead and again on Hot Fuzz. More funny comedy. (March 2011)

Scream 4 - The Scream franchise launched a sub genre of spoof horror films. The third was to be the last but I have no issues with another sequel. I like Courtenay Cox. Too bad Dirt went off the air. Also reprising their roles are David Arquette and Neve Campbell. (April 2011).

Cowboys & Aliens - The only three things you need to know about this movie, 1 - extra-terrestrials arrive in a spaceship in the old west of Arizona 1873 to take over the Earth, b - it stars Harrison Ford, 7 - it stars Daniel Craig. Just in case you need more, it's directed by John Favreau and it's based on a comic book. (July 2011).

Hall Pass - The one thing you need to know about this film is that it's by the Farrelly Brothers. Christina Applegate, Jenna Fischer, Owen Wilson, Alyssa Milano. (February 2011).

Unknown - I haven't hear much about this one except that it stars Liam Neeson, one of my favourite actors. It's a thriller where a man awakens from a coma, only to discover that someone has taken on his identity and that no one, not even his wife, believes him. (February 2011).

Tintin & Snowy (Milou)
The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn - This was supposed to be live action but in the end to stay true to Hergé's vision it is animated. Simon Pegg, Daniel Craig and Jamie Bell as Tintin. There is no indication of who stars as the unicorn. (December 2011).

The Adjustment Bureau - an adaptation of the Philip K Dick short story. Maybe you haven't read his stories but you have seen the films (Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report). (March 2011).

Conan the Barbarian - Having been a fan of the Robert E Howard stories I have been looking forward to this one. And not since the 1982 Arnie and James Earl Jones film have we seen a proper adaptation. Not that the '82 film stuck to the original story but it was fun. (August 2011).

The most sensational, inspirational
The Muppets - An all-star cast and written by Jason Segal. It's the Muppets!!! (November 2011).

Red Dawn - I been blogging for a year and I have been writing about this movie for a year. Nuff said. (? 2011).

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas - If I have to tell you anything about this movie, it ain't for you. (November 2011).

Zombieland 2 - The number one rule is good cardio. No official word if the entire cast will be back. Or if any of the cast will be back. Only freaking rumours. (postponed until 2013).

Super Troopers 2 - The first ST movie is one of the funniest movies ever. The guys from Broken Lizard are back. I am hoping Brian Cox reprises his role. Original plot ideas had this set up as a prequel, but it in fact picks up months after the last film left off. (Postponed to 2012).

One reason I liked Zombieland
300: Battle of Artemisia - Prequel to Frank Miller's 300. The first one was great so the second has to be great also. Right? Right? Anyone? (postponed to 2013).

The Raven - Having read everything ever written by Edgar Allan Poe, and a few stories about him, I was intrigued by this fictionalized account of Poe's life. Poe the person was not a happy man and was hardly the hero. In this film the poet is in pursuit of a killer whose murders mirror those of the characters in the stories. John Cusack stars. (postponed to 2012).

Battlestar Galactica - A remake of the 2004 movie? NO. It's a remake of the 70s TV show. This makes no sense whatsoever. The prequel TV series Caprica is already out there. The re-imagined TV movies and series were hugely popular and so well done. A remake of a remake that just got off the air? It turns out the re-imagining of the show wasn't enough. This is a remake of the original TV series. Make sense now? No? Didn't think so. (? 2011).

Speaking of remakes, Warriors is the retelling of the amazing 1979 film. The Baseball Furies may be back and maybe some fan fury if this movie sucks. (? 2011).

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - The film adaptation of the Jane Austen parody novel written by Seth Grahame-Smith. More zombie fun. (postponed, now 2013).

There is very little out there about Auschwitz. Never forget. The film is set for a German screening in February but no word on a North American release. This is a must see. (2011).

Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern. Too many super hero movies. Although the 2012 Avengers looks pretty good.

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  1. Im totally-super-psyched about The Hangover 2. I love that kind of sick humor.