Tron : Legacy Review

Tron Legacy
Tron: Legacy is a stunningly beautiful, eye-catching and technically spectacular film. This sequel's release comes twenty eight years after the influential and under watched original, Tron. In 1983 Tron was a groundbreaking and inspirational film at a time where the concept of a home computer was freshly new and mostly part of the science fiction world. 28 years later, where we have moved beyond personal computers to the world of iPads and pocket PCs, and jaded and cynical reviewers (see Big Fat Ostrich and the Tron: Legacy Review). But we at forgive reviewers like Mike O.

28 years ago the idea of launching ourselves into a mainframe was as far fetched and imaginative as visiting Middle-Earth to battle orcs. With the incredible advancement of technology both in our computers and digital film, the what-else-have-you-got attitude is almost expected. The idea of entering our processors is imaginable, and ends up being the trap in which Tron: Legacy gets caught. If The Matrix (the first movie only) never existed, perhaps the cynics could be satisfied. Any sequel must compete with itself. When an original film is put on such a pedestal, and maintains a cult following for 28 years, can it's sequel succeed?

A 43.6 million dollar opening weekend usually speaks of success. Disney led up to this weekend's release with an immense marketing campaign. The immediate comparisons have been made with both Avatar and Star Trek, holiday releases of the last couple years. Tron: Legacy's 3D effects are one generation advanced of those of Avatar. Both Avatar and Star Trek opened to $75+ million weekends.  Legacy faced an uphill battle to match these numbers. Star Trek was in the public eye almost continuously  for over forty years.
The Tron story itself is compelling. Thematically it speaks of the creator versus the devil, the father and the son, or simply and more to my liking, the parent realizing that all that he was ever searching for he found long ago, it took him 28 years to realize.
Truth sometimes passes from reel to real, why build on the greatness of the original? Cynics and the jaded aside, Tron: Legacy tells a compelling action story, with stunning special effects, and beautiful actors. while predictable in the general sense Tron: Legacy's success is that it stands apart of so many action films today, with multiple climactic scenes and thrilling action.

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  1. After reading your review now I am PSYCHED to go see the movie Tron.