Snow Begone!

It's December 6th and I have had enough of winter. Today was the first major snowfall and I have had enough of winter. One hour and forty five minutes of sitting in traffic and I am fed up with winter. The snow started falling early this afternoon. The wind kicked up soon after. I had a meeting across the street from my office. The wind was pushing the snow so that it was coming down sideways, and fast. It hurt to cross the street. Hell, I've been living here in Montreal all my life and I still can't get used to it. Or don't want to. What is the weather forecast for tomorrow?

I left work a little later with the plan of avoiding the afternoon rush. It kind of worked. I think a lot of people went home early in attempt to beat the mess. A ride that usually takes no more than forty minutes took me and hour and forty five minutes. And I had to urinate. Well, I didn't have to. I wanted to.

The roads were snow covered, the wind was blowing and my speed topped out at all of twenty kilometers per hour. Most of the ride home was about focusing on the car lights in front of me, playing follow the leader. The snow had yet to be cleared and there was no way to know where the lanes started and ended.

Time to listen to the radio. Christmas music on 92.5, flip. Delilah introducing Christmas music on 92.9, change quickly. Crappy pop tune on 95.9. Flip. Nickleback on 97.7, change. Okay, settle in on 99.9 The Buzz, until the commercials come on. Flip. Damn missed the news. Flip. The Team 990, crap it's soccer night. Change. So there wasn't much on.

Made a couple phone calls. What's there to talk about? It's snowing and I have to pee . Sorry, I don't have to pee. I want to pee. Then, I finally arrive home, pull into the driveway and my garage door opener doesn't work. I back up, pull into the driveway and park in the one spot with two surrounding walls. Either the semi enclosure will protect my car from snow accumulation, or my car will be buried beneath a six foot snow drift. Something to look forward to tomorrow. The repairman is on his way, we have a service contract for the garage door opener so he has to come and he can't charge a premium for driving in this weather.
I'm not dreaming of a white Christmas. I am dreaming of a warm Chanukkah in Miami.
View from my balcony. That's my car, on the left next to the wall. No, the blue one with the snow on it.


  1. I have had to reprogram three radio stations in the car due to the incessant Xmas music. I hate Christmas music.

    Yes, I am a Christian. I have accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and I'm pretty sure he'd hate listening to that music over and over, too, if he were riding shotgun with me.

  2. I don't go for the Xmas music. David Bowie & Bing Crosby singing together is pretty cool, and anything Springsteen does is great. But after that... does AC DC have any Christmas tunes?

  3. "I'm not dreaming of a white Christmas. I am dreaming of a warm Chanukkah in Miami"

    That sentence? Was HYSTERICAL.

    Here I was ALMOST looking forward to the FIRST snow fall here in NJ. And you just reminded me WHY I hate the winter so VERY much!

  4. By the time the second snowfall hits we are finally used to it. Or we simply are resigned to the fact that we can't do much about it.