Heineken : Walk-in Fridge Campaign

I love the new Heineken commercial. Well, it is new in Canada, from the number of viewers on Youtube and the date of it's release it is not so new after all. The commercial, referred to as the Heineken walk-in fridge ad has spawned a couple sequels. I laugh every time I see it.

And here is one of the terrific sequels

Here is a terrific spoof of the Heineken walk in fridge, I wish it were real.

Here is Bavaria's campaign, also a spoof

After the original video went viral Heineken added a new twist by leaving these supposed walk-in fridge  boxes on the streets of Amsterdam on garbage day, perhaps adding to the hype, perhaps fooling people into believing that the fridges were a hot new sales item.
Heineken walk-in fridge
Heineken walk-in fridge