The Walking Dead

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, you already know that the televised episodes started airing on AMC on October 31st. This first season is to run six episodes, it took AMC only two eps to announce it has renewed the show for a second season. Look for a thirteen show arc in year two of TWD.
There is plenty of violence and gore in this show. What's different about this series and the books from which it originates, is that the surviving humans aren't spending all their time hacking up zombies. The last forty or so years of zombie movies was all chase, run, hack, shoot. Yes, in TWD there is plenty of fighting off the undead but consider it a drama where the humans must also fight off the monsters that they themselves are becoming as society regresses.
The show is going strong pulling in 5.1 million viewers in its third week, up from 4.7 million the week prior. Another 5.3 viewed its Halloween night premiere.

Here's a short clip from the show

Just kidding that's Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard in the 1940 movie The Ghost Breakers.
If you haven't seen it yet, here's the trailer for the The Walking Dead. Consider this a warning, while the teaser below is cleaner than the actual show, don't click play if you are bothered by gore.

The Walking Dead


  1. Im too much of a baby to watch stuff like that!

  2. Aside from the gore and violence, the first three episodes are well scripted and the acting is above par.