Jersey Shore North ? Please, No !

I hate reality TV so why do I watch it? Maybe it is similar to the rubber necking we do around a car crash, or watching the NASCAR circular waiting for a smashup. We want to see disaster. Or we want to see artistic disaster such as Dancing with the Stars, or Battle of the Blades. I can see a reason for the interest in the above mentioned shows, but Jersey Shore? Someone explain it please.
Word out of Toronto is that a cheap Canadian knock-off entitled Lake Shore is on the way. And the reaction has been mostly negative, including the Canadian Jewish Congress speaking out about the racial categorizing and anti-semitic tones. Let's hope the rumors of a major Canadian network picking up this show, is just the rumors spread by the producers to drum up interest.

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  1. Jersey Shore sucks and I've never even seen it. But I just know it does!

  2. "Sucks" doesn't do it justice. I've never seen it and I know it sucks ASS.

  3. Well, I have watched the Jersey Shore, and I *hate* to admit this, but once I watched it, I couldn't stop. I don't know why. It's awful. And yet, I am totally addicted.

    However, I will NOT give into temptation and watch Lake Shore. I watch too much trash as it is!

  4. Meleah Rebeccah, you have to watch it, it's right in your backyard.
    What would a Montreal version be called? North Shore?