Road of the Dead - A Zombie Killing Game

The undead have taken over the city, and you must escape. No, no, sit down. It's a game. In Road of the Dead, you the driver must run over the zombies, and crush the soldiers that are trying to prevent your escape. Fulfil that double fantasy of yours of driving on the open road and destroying the walking dead. Who doesn't like a road trip? I call shotgun!

You must protect your vehicle and yourself. Avoid the vehicles blocking the road while sparing the lives of the civilians. Your progress gets saved at various checkpoints. You keep driving for as long as your car is intact and you aren't shot up by the soldiers or helicopter.

The customizable controls are not the easiest and in their default setting will cause carpel tunnel syndrome. Just go the options menu and change the settings, so that your steering is on one side of the keyboard and your honking and shooting, and punching is on the other side.
Look at the hideous zombie. Oh wait. That's Steve Buscemi.

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  1. "Look at the hideous zombie. Oh wait. That's Steve Buscemi"