Atomic Tom Goes Viral

Is 1.2 million hits in three days considered viral? Atomic Tom, who from what I can gather were performing around the New York scene over the last three years, suddenly hit the big time, internet style when the video below was posted to YouTube. The guys perform using four different iPhone applications, modelling the instruments they usually play. Thanks to Andy for the tip.


  1. This is possibly the coolest and/or scariest thing I've seen. Yes, in essence it's an unintended huge ad for iPhone. Steve Jobs must be creaming his expensive iJeans right about now.

    That aside, the musicality of this thing is awesome. As an amateur musician (OK, read "hack") it's amazing to hear what these guys do on the smallest fretboards/drumpads/mics that exist. And digitally. And with style. A very cool video and song all around. I suspect this'll get them much more than 15 mins of fame.

    Then again, WAS this video truly hatched without some Apple invisible hand? Probably not. But I don't know, when a band does something like this, there are those out there who might like to shred their credibility for using such a ubiquitously marketed "instrument". Just saying.

  2. Word is Apple contacted Atomic Tom's management AFTER this video was posted. The band admitted their intention for self publicity, the interest from Apple being coincidental.