Age of Music

I realized I have been posting more music videos lately. I have also been searching for more music lately. I think it started a few weeks back, reading the latest alternative weekly press when it dawned on me that I may no longer be in touch with the latest music and the goings on in the independent scene. Now, nobody has ever accused me of being a scenester but I always knew what was hot locally, in the alternative and college arena.
Looking through the paper, I realized that of the 15 new CD releases being reviewed, I could only recognize one of the artists.
There was a time where I knew all the up and coming bands, all the college radio bands, and all the groups playing the local club scene.
My interest in music never changed. Perhaps then, only my focus has changed. Or is it less free time?
When was the last time you spent an hour browsing through the music in a record store? Or rather, CD store.

I can't remember the last time I spent more than ten minutes.
This is not a lament about growing older. Statistically speaking I have most of my life ahead of me. I suppose I am remarking on how much our interests change due to less free time, jobs, responsibilities.
I had the opportunity the weekend before last to browse the local book store. Coffee in hand I looked around and walked around and browsed for two hours. This seems a rarity these days - spending the time doing not much at all. Well, that is, aside from sitting in front of my computer writing.
Maybe it's the caffeine. My coffee habit controls my activities. I need coffee in the morning and mid-afternoon.
I planned on sitting in the coffee shop on the weekend. Drink my coffee and read the paper. Unfortunately after my second coffee I was too wired to sit still so I could not finish reading the paper.

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