Please Do Not Adjust Your Sets

A change is coming to this blog. Nothing drastic. With the ever increasing number of hits I thought it time to register my domain name. It was a simple process and the site stubbornfool.blogspot.com will now be known as www.stubbornfool.com.
The transition should be seamless for you the reader, you will be redirected to the new site. I may have to update a widget or two, I've already noticed a couple errors. Updates are going on over the next day or so. You will be automatically transferred over to the new site once the transfer is complete.
You are welcome to update your links to www.stubbornfool.com.

Interesting enough, I was able to register the domain name through blogger. Blogger allows me to keep the same template. I should have more flexibility with the layout. stubbornfool.blogspot.com will remain but will automatically forward you to www.stubbornfool.com.
Stubborn Fool

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