The End is Near

The other day I caught a rather ominous looking television commercial. A distinguished politician type actor is sitting behind his desk, addressing the public. He tells his viewing audience that the end is near.

In it's thirty second run there is no indication who is paying for this advertisement. With a fade to black and in big yellow letter, it claims "The End Is Near".
I couldn't find the English version online, so here is an artist's rendition of what it would like in English.
My first thought is that the province of Quebec's separatist opposition party was rolling out their ads for an early political campaign.
I did a quick bit of research. My first rationalization was not correct. It is the local cable company that is getting ready for war. The end of the world as you know it. Videotron is launching their very own 3G network. Until now, Videotron was content to piggyback off one of the established cellular providers. After all,  every communication company tries to include as many options to offer their customers their bundles. Offer lower prices, and entice customers to get all their services from one provider.

I paid a visit to their site and was shocked to see the following.

All services are suspended? No further explanation? What would you do if your telephone provider told you I am sorry but  your service has been suspended for the next few days, weeks, or months? No more cell phone.

Offhand, I do not know anyone who uses their wireless services. But I would guess that Videotron has made a lot of people angry. Just like any other mega corporation the attitude of, lose a couple clients, gain a couple clients, holds fast.
No big deal. Videotron will, in theory, be able to offer better service on their own cellular network. In the mean time Videotron wireless subscribers? Screw you.

My original post was published on September 5th. Today, the 9th, Videotron officially launched their wireless network. Coverage exists in the Montreal - Quebec City corridor with plans to extend to the Eastern Townships next month. Videotron is not offering iPhone support as their bandwidth cannot support it. Blackberry is available. 

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