Cat Fight

While lounging around my apartment the other day I witnessed one of the more bizarre events of recent days.
It was a nice day and the windows were wide open. I am high up and far enough from the street so the traffic doesn't disturb me. I hear the occasional truck or city bus, and of course every couple weeks an ambulance visits the building. No. It is not a dangerous neighbourhood and the building is quite safe. It's just that there are a few of elderly people in my building. The average age of the residents is about 30 more than my own.

There are no loud parties, nobody blasts their stereo late at night. Sometimes, during the day, if you walk through the hallways you might here Oprah or the Price is Right blasting from the residents' TV sets. It's a quiet place, no noise and no fights. Well, not usually any fights.

As I was sitting reading my book, I overheard raised voices coming from the parking lot down below. I ignored it a first, thinking it sounded like a daughter and mother arguing. The voices continued and the volume increased so I went out onto my balcony to take a look.
To my surprise two grey haired women in their late 60s, possibly early 70s were arguing and not quite wrestling, but each was trying to get into the back-seat of a parked car.

Things quieted down and did not seem that interesting so I went back in to my book.

A few minutes later, more yelling and sounds of "What gives you the right" and "Don't touch my stuff." over and over. I went to the balcony again just in time to see one of the ladies throwing clothes, books and CDs out the car door, while the other was trying to pick them up.

Almost simultaneously, just as I was considering calling security to inform them of a scrap brewing, one of the two combatants grabbed the other, they tussled, and one took a tumble and rolled over backwards. For an older woman, she was rather spry, as she leaped up quickly, and seemed ready to pounce. Just then though, the security guard made his appearance and calmed things down.

The first thought come to mind was Seinfeld's not quite facetious explanation to Elaine of why men like cat fights. As funny as his explanation is, and likely true, I like to think that Elaine's reaction is the reaction shared by all women worldwide.

This of course was not what I was thinking about at the time. As I mentioned, I considered notifying security. But after, and with time to ponder, images of Joan Collins and Linda Evans came to mind. Not to mention the infamous Wild Things film.
What's my point you ask? I have none. A bizarre incident and a reason to post a couple Seinfeld clips.

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