Red Dawn of Tron

I am looking forward to the release of two films, both of the remake and sequel variety. Tron: Legacy a sequel to the amazing 1982 film Tron, is scheduled for a December release. Red Dawn, a remake of the 1984 motion picture is due some time in 2010. They cannot be released quick enough for my liking.  Rumour has it though that financial troubles over at MGM has delayed the scheduled fall release of Red Dawn.

My friend Mike suggested that there are far too many remakes and sequels for his liking and he has no interest in seeing these films. This from a man whose living room is covered with Goldorak posters. What's old is new again my friend. Just like you after botox.

Tron is a film about a computer hacker who gets pulled in his employer's mainframe. He is forced to be a combatant in a series of dangerous competitions. The mix of live action, dazzling animation and hand painted effects kept me spellbound when I first saw the film. I plan to watch it before the sequel is released as I am curious if the original can stand up to the test of time. Interstingly enough, the original is a Walt Disney production but has been largely ignored in the last number of years. Jeff Bridges stars in both Tron and Legacy.

While you watch the trailer, keep in mind that in 1982 the household computer was something new, computers were still largely in the realm of science fiction. Also to note the popular Commodore 64 and Apple II were home computers with 64KB capacities.

Tron was produced in 1982 on a budget of $17 million and pulled in $33 million in the North American box office. It was later nominated for two Academy Awards, for sound and costume design. Tron spawned video games and arcade games as well a a couple Family Guy spoofs.

Red Dawn was released two years after Tron. The only connection as far as I am concerned is that they are 80s films re-imagined for today's screens. Red Dawn was a great action film that realized the imagination of many boys. It fulfilled the fantasy of being an action star or a real hero.
The film contained enough grit to make it feel real. It also had enough exaggerated exploits to make it fun.
The plot- High School football jocks take on an army of Soviets invading the U.S.A.
We get our heroes and maidens, and even a conflicted bad guy.

The original starred a then cast of unknowns, Patrick Swayze, C Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson, Charlie Sheen and Jennfer Grey. They threw is a couple old timers for balance in Harry Dean Stanton ("Avenge Me!"), Ben Johnson and Powers Boothe. In a seven week wide release it took in $38 million.
The 2010 remake has the Chinese "People's Liberation Army" invading the U.S. of A. It is up to the Wolverines to counter the invasion. In a year that provided us with A-Team, The Losers, and The Expendables, why not a High School football team taking on occupying foreign armies?

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  1. It's funny how we didn't realize how cheesy movies were as we watched them years ago. The original Red Dawn had the coolest cast!