Record Number of Pirates (and other stories)

BBC news reported that there has been a record number of pirates gathering in the coastal town of Hastings, England. As the headline reads Hastings pirates smash world record. No, not Somalian pirates. Just regular folk dressed up as pirates.

I couldn't embed the BBC news video so here is a participant's video I found on Youtube.

One of the reasons I enjoy the festivals in and around Montreal is that I can wander around and drink in public, albeit in the enclosed confines of the festival territory. But I am outside, on the streets. Sort of like Bourbon Street in New Orleans. I suppose any legal excuse to gather and drink in public is a good one but aside from that I am trying to find the purpose behind pirate day.

And did each of these thousands of people have all the pirate gear in their closets?

The kicker? There were rules. "According to their criteria, people could only qualify as pirates if they wore a pirate hat or bandana and eye patch, a striped or plain T-shirt, tatty or rolled up trousers or a pirate-style skirt, and an accessory such as a sword, a musket, a pirate flag or a parrot."

That's just like my dress code at work.

Read another story the other day. An amusing idea for a practical joke. Ideas are funny, putting ideas into action, not always so funny. According to Yahoo news, A Chicago man is accused of posting a fake ad on Craigslist. Sounds innocent enough. The fake ad said that his sister was giving away all of her belongings. The ad contained her telephone number and address and triggered a rash of calls and visits from interested buyers.

I unfortunately did not arrive on time.

And if this is true I love it. If it isn't true than I like the idea and love the model.

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