Inception - Not A Film Review - But You Better Go See It

I saw the movie Inception a few days back. And since then I kept dreaming about writing a review. I did not want to read any reviews in advance of seeing the film. I had heard positive comments and preferred to see Inception without any outside influence.

I chose not to search for hidden symbolism in the film at this time so my review will not be overly analytical.
It was a fun action movie where you may need a score-sheet to keep track of what is real and what may have been created by a designer of dreams. It is also a long film.
Is it worth seeing? Yes.

The kid from Third Rock from the Sun stars as the tough guy. It has the guy from Batman. It has the other guy from Batman who was also in 28 Days Later. It stars the girl from Juno. The Japanese guy from Batman was also in it. The guy who played the plumber on Cheers and fell in love with Rebecca also has a big role. And don't forget the actress who played Edith Piaf or that kid from Witness. I can't believe I almost forgot about that guy from Titanic. And lastly, there is the fellow whom many consider to be the best living actor, who came to everyone's attention in The Usual Suspects.
Anyone who knows me also knows that this is the way I watch a movie. I also always wait for the credits so I can watch the bloopers reel.
Now, go see Inception.
Inceptions three female lead. Just kidding. That's Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy and Marion Cotillard.


  1. Do you know that although I love "action films", I found this one overly long and boring! Most people do not agree with me.

  2. I just finished creating my flowchart to help understand the events of the movie.