Dog Days of Summer

Where do ideas come from? The dog days of summer have been dragging me down. A mixture of heat, humidity and a little too much going on at work may have fried my brain. I need to take a few months off. Anyone want to pay my bills?

A day off and some rain and cooler temperatures has actually offered some relief. My brain really has been overtaxed as of late. Maybe it's time to get a guest blogger or two.

For a while ideas were flying into my head and onto the screen. I couldn't understand other bloggers concern over writer's block. In my case I believe it's caused by lack of time and less energy.

I can't increase my coffee intake. I am at the legal daily limit.
I suppose I could sleep more and work less.

I have some started articles. Some require the finishing touch others require some research. I also have to paint my bathroom, fix my car stereo and brakes.

I heard a joke yesterday. Did you hear about Robin Hood's house? It has a little John.


  1. Did you finally add some power steering fluid?

    Remember, do not drink it.

  2. Power steering fluid added. The difference is amazing. Now I just have to fix the brakes, the shocks, the stereo, the battery...
    Maybe if I add brake fluid? Stereo fluid? Shock fluid?

  3. Shock fluid sounds disgusting.

  4. Sounds disgusting? It feels disgusting.

  5. The navy dress is cute on you and I'm glad you started accessorizing...I just hope your boss doesn't see this! :-0

  6. I need my afternoon coffee. If not I will fall asleep on my desk. And the navy dress was a gift. I was told blue makes me look young. And like a girl.