Are you Ready for Some Football?!

Looking forward to the new NFL season? Maybe the following will satisfy you in the mean time. This video was part of the award winning NFL Fantasy Files campaign that went viral when it first hit the web in 2008. A newer 2009 video is below.

"Everybody has fantasies. What's Yours?" asks the Fantasy Files Rebook campaign.

Here is the long play Deluxe version. It showcases NFL players as they show off their impossible  athletic moves in an effort to be chosen by fans for their fantasy football teams.
Amazing football feats. Amazing editing feats. Great fun to watch. This video features Chris Cooley, Marques Colston, Neil Rackers, Jason Campbell, Braylon Edwards, Chris Chambers, Laurence Maroney among others.
Blue Room, the New York-based creative services agency, was awarded a Silver Webby Award in the category of branded content/promotion for their contribution to the Fantasy Files viral campaign in October 2008.

Maurice Jones-Drew 2009 season video.

I have yet to find a 2010 version of NFL Fantasy Files. Post the link below if you find it.

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