World Cup Aftermath - The Letdown of Terrible Sports Programming

Talk about a letdown after the World Cup... I was eating my lunch in the kitchen at work yesterday watching Television. (I brought a tuna sandwich in case you were wondering. Tuna with onion, mustard, mayo, and lettuce in a pita). I forgot my newspaper at home so I was stuck in front of the tube. One of the national sports networks (RDS) was trying to fill their empty programming schedule with a show that consisted of killing things with guns. They took a commercial break and then came back with ten more minutes of birds falling from the sky.
Granted, it was a hunting show but oddly enough, there was very little commentary, only animals dying. It reminded me of America's Funniest Home Videos, without the bad jokes.

Amazingly enough I sat there and watched.

I work in a office of about 100 people and there were about twenty others in the kitchen at the time. None of the other office drones changed the channel. I suppose I was too spellbound, or in too much shock to get up and change the channel.

I cannot say that today's show was much better. The featured programming was Table Tennis. Fancy name Table Tennis. Ping Pong for the uncouth.
It's a sports channel. I should call and tell them that anything played on a table is not a sport. Poker, Chess, Billiards - not sports. Games, all of them. I love shooting pool and I enjoy the occasional game of poker. I know pool is often referred to as a table sport. Doesn't matter. 
Pool = Game. 
Ping Pong= Game.
Ping Pong or Table Tennis?

I'm still stuck on the table thing though. If you call table tennis a sport, than synchronized swimming would be considered a sport (OK that's a bit of a leap).
How can something be called a sport just because two people are doing it at the same time? Reminds me of simultaneous orgasms. Which of course are more challenging and harder to complete. Now that is a sport. And, funny enough, you can do it on a table.
I can do that

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