Some Lies About Canada. Happy Canada Day!

I have not been able to verify the following information. But I wrote it so it must be true. Some Lies About Canada. Happy Canada Day. 
Majestic Canadian Flag
  • Canadians do not use pain killers.
  • Canada has nine months of winter and three months of road repair.
  • The Inuit of Northern Canada have 17 different words for "fart".
  • English speaking male Canadians of Eastern European descent living on the Island of Montreal have larger feet than other Canadians.
  • When you flush a toilet in Canada the water simultaneously flows clockwise and counter clockwise.
  • In Canada, static electricity is a trade-able commodity.
  • Canada Day was created on July 1st simply to steal the thunder from the American Independence Day.
  • In Canada we do not have revolving doors. We have rotating doors.
  • French graffiti in the province of Quebec must be twice the size of English graffiti.
  • Home computers in Canada have been recently upgraded from VIC-20s to Commodore 64s.
  • Most people believe the beaver to be the national animal of Canada. But if you look closely, just behind the beaver, there is a ferocious two headed griffin.
    The Beaver

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