The Military, Hospitals, and Potential Parking Mayhem

I have to hope that this was intentional over at Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital. But the parking woes may continue if this isn’t resolved soon. Correct me as needed, but a hydro pole should not be in the entrance to a parking lot.

I imagine there are plans to reconfigure the sidewalk and move the electric pole but in the meantime, it makes for great comedy.

I want to mention that the Jewish General Hospital - a teaching hospital associated with McGill University - has done some great work in and around the city and community. Their July 11th, 2010 Ride to Conquer Cancer raised 5.7 million dollars for cancer research.

As a kid I wondered why the hospital was named after a Jewish general. And if it was named after a general why didn’t they just use his name? For example, it could have been the General Jerry Seinfeld Hospital instead of the Jewish General Hospital.

From this I determined that hospitals were run by the military. Not only were hospitals named after Generals, but they were also named Privates and Majors. More then once I heard an older relative say 'so and so was staying at the Private Hospital'. But the clincher was when I kept hearing news reports referring to Montreal’s Major Hospitals. I wondered why did they skip all those other ranks. You think that’s silly? They do have Veteran’s Hospitals, don’t they?

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