I Glued My Fingers and Other Stupid Things

It's a long weekend for me and that usually means catching up on chores and errands and fixing things that broke in the previous couple of months. Yesterday I used the third item in the holy trinity of home repair, Crazy Glue. The others of course being duct tape and the telephone to call a real repair man.
I was really careful while using the super glue. I was so focused on not sticking my fingers together that I did not realize that my fingers were actually bonding to the tube.

What to do? No panic. That just isn't in me.

I know there is a risk of causing serious damage by attempting to peel the skin apart form the glue. But, well, I'm a male. And even if I have experienced it before, I learned from the last time I tried it and will just be more careful this time. Well, at least I did not cause any damage. The label came off the container and I didn't lose any skin. But the label was now stuck to my fingers.
Just a tip, acetone is the one weakness for super glue. If you have paint thinner, lighter fluid or nail polish remover you should be okay should an accident occur.

The Sunday edition of the Montreal Gazette will be disappearing in early August. It is no longer cost effective to produce a hard copy edition and the Sunday paper will only be available online. Most of the columns will be moved to other days of the week but so far there has been no mention of the Sunday comics.

Cul de Sac runs in the Sunday paper and is often brilliant. In today's I saw a little bit of myself and a little bit of my Dad. There is a Cliff Claven in all of us. The unwanted advice, the unwanted opinion or the random obscure trivia seems to creep out of nowhere.

What do you do if you unpack your groceries and realize that the cashier didn't pack all the items you purchased? Is $6.99 plus tax worth the drive across town to the grocery store?

I heard Def Leppard's Rock of Ages recently and decided to look up "gunter glieben glauchen globen". It doesn't mean anything. I was debating whether or not I should post the video. It is absolute 80s cheese. While the song is still listen-able the video bothers me. What the hell. Here it is.

And now we have all learned a lesson today. Def Leppard's music doesn't necessary stand up to the test of time, and you now know how to remove crazy glue from your skin.

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